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Waiting for Coffee?

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Another potential coffee break! If they are waiting for service, they had better go in and find it. I love the old world look – it transports me to Europe except for the clothing. The hat does not quite fit the plaid shirt which helps make it Canadian. The colours in their clothing pick up on the building colours but I suspect they did not plan this….

Coffee Break Boredom

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I could not figure out what he was looking at. He walked out of his work and then stopped to investigate. He would stand and take a sip of his coffee and then go back to this spot at the window. It was a chilly fall day but nice and warm basking in the sunshine. It is sad to see a closed small business. The government needs to lower taxes on small business as they are the lifeblood of the economy. Unfortunately we have an anti-business NDP government here until the voters get serious and get out and vote.

Urban coffee break

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I love the contrast of the human element and the stark industrial environment in this image. This is the frame that captured the gesture moment – the cup in the hand. I had to wait for about 5 minutes for the gesture moment to happen. People often think that a photo is just captured but sometimes you have to wait a half hour for something to happen or move on. And this photo certainly was not taken on Vancouver Island – it is a little more rural and green here. I sometimes miss the big city for some of its amenities but prefer the slower pace of the island lifestyle and its natural beauty.

On your tippy toes

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My initial interest that got me into photography was black and white images back in the good old film days. I used to process the film and spend hours in the darkroom and never lost the joy of seeing an image emerge in the tray of developer. Then I got attracted to the amazing colours of Kodachrome and projecting the image but I should have also continued B&W as it is magical with the right image. This image is so much better in B&W than colour and there certainly was not a lot of colour in this anyway.

I love the graphic timeless nature of black and white. I am going to get back into B&W images and also put more emphasis into “street photography” where there is a human element in public places which is a category this image fits. This image is back lit by large windows  providing a nice dramatic silhouette lighting. I am always observing how light illuminates a scene and enjoy capturing day to day life. This moment was captured the a Leica SL and 24-90mm lens which is huge but grabbed the shot beautifully – and it only did last a moment! The camera was prepared after entering the restaurant in case something interesting happened so the exposure and so on was already sorted out and all I had to do was grab the camera and compose. One really needs to be on their toes to capture the fleeting moments of life.

Christmas 2017

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I did not get out in 2016 for Christmas images so was determined to get out for this past Christmas. It was the first time I had used a tripod for a long time but like riding a bicycle it got easy to use quickly so that I could take pictures slowly. It was amazing to hear all the foreign languages being spoken around me as I was setting up. There were a lot of cell phones being used for pictures which can take great pictures in sunshine but are not great for night pictures. Humorously, to me, flashes were going off on some of them attempting to capture the rather distant scene. This will be my Christmas card photo for 2018 but since nobody looks at this blog other than my favourite daughter it will be fresh for them.

It was a chilly evening and I got there in time to get the picture just before the evening sky went black. I love the rich indigo light at that time but it lasts for only a few minutes. Having to wear gloves slows down things but I enjoyed walking around and seeing all the lights. Those that actually look closely at things, will notice that there is green grass in the foreground. Unfortunately, there is no snow here to enhance Christmas but surprisingly I do not miss snow! Happy New Year to Ashley! (remember, she is the only one that reads the blog, or at least comments)


A day in the park

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I have not done any child photography since my favorite daughter was a kid. It is challenging to do as kids are the extreme opposite of stationary – especially in a playground! Eddie is 4 years old and clearly enjoys exploring the world and the simple pleasures of life. He could have stayed there all day even though it was rather damp and chilly. I followed him around until I thought I might lose too much weight…I am trying to do the healthy 1 pound a week! If you want to do an extreme workout, do exactly what a kid does for 15 minutes.

He was generally oblivious of the camera and so the only challenge was to be ready to capture an expression or gesture. In doing this type of photography, it is important to look for good lighting and then watch for opportunities so that you are ready for the right moment. If the moment is gone, it is not coming back – that is part of the gratification of capturing the right moment. It is like fishing; you need knowledge, practice, and patience.

The sea-saw offered the opportunity to create a strong image with the blue leading line to the subject. A series of pictures were taken to have at least one picture of the activity and then the magic moment happened and I knew I had a keeper. The best part was his mother thought it was the best picture of him ever so it was a successful outing for all.

I prefer to catch candid moments rather than posed pictures so that there is a glimpse of the real person and not just a static or “fake” image of the person. My favourite images of the day are below.

It’s Magic!

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This photo was taken of my newly married daughter and her husband a couple of years ago. You can tell it was taken with a Leica rangefinder by its unique glow and the capture of the electricity of young love. I think soul mates call it magic – at least in the women’s movies I watch with my favourite and only wife. I finally got around to processing the image and I am delighted with the emotion captured. Ashley and Tony – I hope you enjoy the memory!

Thunderbird Memories

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I have always wanted a Thunderbird since the 60s. They eventually dropped the ball in later years – one wonders how they could lose the recipe and turn it into a generic car. Then around 2000 they tried to recapture the spirit of the Thunderbird but the ride and power were poorly engineered but it still appeals as shown below. I was out trying to walk 10,000 steps as part of my new fitness program and was carrying my Leica SL when I discovered this gem. It looked like it had just rolled out of the factory. It was spotless and a gorgeous colour. The scene appeared straight out of a Hollywood movie in California but this was the ocean front in Qualicum Beach in October. It reminded me why I live here and not shoveling snow in the rest of Canada. As I am a REALTOR, you may want to contact me so that I can solve your weather issues.

On a side note, when I lived in California around 1999, I was driving in Santa Rosa with my wife’s car. Suddenly, I spotted a late 50s red Thunderbird convertible being driven by a young blonde coming in the opposite direction. It looked like a movie scene. I watched it go by and did not notice that the traffic had stopped in front of me. I drove right into the rear end of an old Volvo station wagon which had a huge 70s bumper that destroyed the front of the car. It was so embarrassing trying to explain why I never braked. I called my wife to let her know I had just been in an accident and the first thing she asked was how was her car. Now every time I see a classic Thunderbird I remember that time all too clearly but at least no one got injured. It is good not to have a boring life. It’s a good life!

Cheers! Brian

The Wall

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This moment was captured on the way to a meeting. After I parked, I noticed and loved the light on the wall and all of the elements; the lamp with the hanging baskets, the window awnings, the diagonal lines, the shadows. All that  was necessary was to get my camera out and wait for the right person to come along and complete the scene. I got out my Leica SL with the relatively large 24-90 zoom lens which is less than discrete and composed the framing that I wanted. A tough looking man came along and I started to prepare to take a picture but he noticed me and glared menacingly at me. I dropped my camera but then missed taking wonderful pictures of him walking straight into the lamp post. He placed his arms around the post to stabilize himself and swung dizzily around the post with with flowers tangled on his face. He struggled to get the vines out of his face and momentarily staggered a few steps and then tried to pretend I was not there as he walked off. I wanted to burst out into laughter but suppressed myself.

I continued to wait and then amazingly had two separate women stop as they did not want to photo bomb my picture. If only more people were so considerate but in this case it was contrary to my objective. A few people started to chat at the corner and I liked the shadow so luckily they stayed until this cooperative subject hit the spot. I then continued on to my appointment in a great mood because of my memories during my wait. I find carrying my camera makes me much more observant and I enjoy little moments more rather than mindlessly drifting through the day.

Not part of the crowd

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I have been wanting to take a photo of this tree for years but the light was never correct. On the way to the office, I spotted it displaying its most colourful outfit with a great sky. It had been dark and rainy for a few days but the perfect day finally arrived before the leaves were gone. A couple of days later the leaves were largely fallen so I appreciated the opportunity to capture the moment. I make a lot more effort these days to carry my camera at all times and it is nice to be able to catch these fleeting moments.

It struck me that this tree was  representing not being part of the crowd on the right. So many people pretend they are being an individual but they follow the group. It is nice when a person just is their authentic self instead of blending in with the crowd. People often blindly follow the group or crowd because they think a number of people must be right or they just want to be liked. However, often the crowd goes in the wrong direction. Popularity and numbers are a very false test of truth. It is important for the individual to stand for truth and search out truth. As an example, the fake news is getting worse by the month with the lack of real journalism and the hidden agenda of the mostly left biased media: CBC, CNN and so on. The fake media is  no longer reporting facts and are leaving truth that does not fit their agenda or misleads people. Unfortunately, people now have to make an effort to search for the truth on the internet but thank God it is there!

This image was taken with a Leica SL which gets bashed by the on-line “experts” that have an agenda to promote Canon and Nikon for personal gain or bias. However, competent pros know the truth and I am delighted to not be part of the crowd and just get out and enjoy using it.