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Shark Bait

Posted by on October 7, 2017 in Photographic adventures | 2 comments

I have decided to get back to my blog after a lengthy absence due to a number of reasons. This picture was taken after walking more than 10,000 steps along the ocean front in Qualicum Beach. I have taken very few pictures this year due to being very busy but have started to get back out. I am years overdue on doing adequate levels of exercise so have started to change habits and get out walking. Having a camera with me provides a bit a encouragement to get out walking. This picture was taken less than week ago and I saw Calgary got hit with a blizzard so it reinforces the joy of living here!

The Mazzotta Wedding Rehearsal & Dinner

Posted by on April 3, 2016 in Photographic adventures | 1 comment

I finally got around to processing some images from the wedding rehearsal in July 2015. I captured the images with a Leica M and a 21mm/1.8 lens so that I did not need flash which destroys the atmosphere in my opinion. It was a really hot and humid day which is evident in the photos. It is nice to have images like this so that it brings back the memories of the day.


Mr. & Mrs. McKibbin

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Doing weddings is not my cup of tea but after months of saying no I finally gave in for this wedding. I am a perfectionist plus I had never been the main photographer before and do not like doing posed photos so all around this was way out of my comfort and expertise zone.

During the wedding I was constantly on the look out for photo opportunities. Part of the stress was having to decide when to use flash which I have almost no experience with as a prefer natural light photos. When I got home I was completely exhausted and unable to follow my favourite British murder mystery so I went to bed. However, I survived the wedding – barely!

A Victorian Christmas

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It is hard to believe that Christmas is rapidly approaching. I create hand crafted fine art cards of my images that I mail out to my real estate clients, family, friends including my invisible friend Harvey the rabbit. Since I write over 150 Christmas cards, this means that they need to be made now so that they can get written in time. I prepare all the envelopes with address, postage, and return address so that when I have time between appointments that I am able to use it effectively by writing cards.

The biggest challenge is coming up with an unique great image for each year. I took this last year and will have to get out this year soon to find the “one”.

I had just arrived in Victoria and this is the first picture I took after just getting out of the car – amazing luck! However, luck does involve being there, observant, and ready… The carriage was just coming up the street and I waited for it to stop at the intersection as it was too dark to get a high quality moving image. After carefully composing the image with the clock in the background the picture was created. I processed the image to make it look more romantic and painterly in style and love the blues created by the Christmas lights.

Merry Christmas!

Lunch time at the Wheatsheaf!

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Here is another image of the cars that collect at the “Wheaty”, as the locals refer to it, on Fridays. “Luckily” I had my Leica M with a Zeiss 35mm/1.4 lens on it. This is another example of the importance of having a quality camera with you all of the time even if people think you are silly. There are a lot of sun stars on the vehicles if you examine the picture closely and that is a result of the particular lens I used. I love the colours of the vehicles. The owners of current cars are apparently too ashamed to park their visually mediocre vehicles near these amazing modes of transportation.

Heavy Chevy!

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Look at that amazing grill! It reminds me of those people, that display a wall of chicklets when they smile, less than naturally, in dental advertizements; but this is absolutely gorgeous! Even though I was wearing a suit, I had to get down on one knee to capture this wonderful Chevy truck. It was in a generally photogenic location instead of parked among a crowd of vehicles. The sun stars are created by the gorgeous Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 ZM lens on my Leica M. Most people think all lenses are alike but a zoom would not have been able to capture the tonal range, micro contrast, the 3D look, and sun stars in this image. Each lens is like a paint brush and creates its own individual rendering of the image which is clearly visible to the discerning eye. I had a Leica 35mm f/1.4 lens before but much prefer the rendering of this lens and wonderfully it is much less expensive. We are blessed with so many choices in camera equipment these days which enhances the objective of photography – creating the image that best captures the artist’s vision.

There was a distracting hydro pole behind the truck which I had to remove on the computer as I did not have my chainsaw with me. I prefer to minimize having to clone out things in the photo but sometimes it is necessary. I also eliminated a mess of aerial wires.


Autumn Splendour

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This image was captured just after I did a listing of a condo in Cowichan Bay. Before I went back to my home office, I did a quick stroll down to the docks to get some fresh air and enjoy the evening light. It was the “golden hour” and the sunlight had turned the normally grungy seawall into a gorgeous gold that colour contrasts wonderfully with the purplish hues in the rocks. The ocean was unusually calm and created unusual glassy reflections. The scene is peaceful yet energizing. Life is good!

The Chevy at the Wheaty

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This is a car I always wanted to buy back in the late 60s and turn it into a hot car. I could not resist taking this picture as the liquor store and car have make a nostalgic scene of a kinder and much more respectful era.

The colour of this convertible is wonderful and makes you want to go for a tour on a sunny day. They sure knew how to make cars that were unique and appealing back then. Now I cannot tell one car from another much less guess what year it was. Many people could and still can tell you the exact year of the cars back in that era due to their unique characteristics even if it was largely just a new paint scheme. The manufacturers today, in general, only design nondescript cars that are about as exciting as the generic stuff that fast food places try to position as food. You gotta love the chrome (for the young people: it is not plastic!).

American Graffiti at the Wheatsheaf

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bnicol_20151015_046-Edit-EditThese cars are amazing and between appointments I just had to stop and grab this photo. There are usually a lot more cars in the parking lot on a Friday at lunch time but it is October so less turned up and they had parked out front to get their photo taken. Everyone had their phones out to capture pictures but I was blessed to have a real camera with me. Hence, if you want a large image of this picture I will be delighted to help you out and lighted your wallet for you as well!

There was a more modern car parked in the left side of the photo that required editing out which I do not enjoy doing but this photo was worth the effort. People were stopping to look at the cars and then continue on their journey. Maybe the car manufacturers could learn something from this. The problem with the cars over the recent decades is they all look alike – dog excrement; tapered on both ends. How, unattractive and I cannot even spot my car in the parking lot as they all look alike and are mostly one of four colours. Take a look around, how hard is it to find a car that is not white, silver, black, or beige. It is very hard to spot blue, red or any other exciting colour. Go to a Honda or Toyota dealership in particular and be especially prepared for not exciting in design or colour (I own an Acura (Honda) by the way). Apparently people like somewhat reliable excrement!

Legendary Service!

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This picture captures the concept of legendary service. I strive to deliver legendary service in my real estate business ( I learned my work ethics in my parents store in the old era of values being teached in the schools – stealing and dishonesty used to be wrong ) and find it getting rarer and rarer to find people that strive to deliver excellent service and products. Got to your local store and stand waiting for the staff to notice you and then they continue to chat with each other and point to the credit card machine. Go to a typical eatery and stare at your empty coffee cup. However, if one searches diligently  you find wonderful people and the servers get tipped well and do not get taken for granted.

I explained to Kayla, the server in the photo. the concept I wanted to create in a photo. She readily accepted the assignment and said that the next time she serves a beverage that she would pose for the photo. I am really grateful for her enthusiastic cooperation. By the way, Kayla, is fabulous at service and bringing a ready smile to your dinner.