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The Fresh Eyes of a Child See!

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I was walking around the harbour front in Victoria, BC with Harvey my invisible rabbit friend and noticed the ghost like figure walking along and nobody was noticing him. He kept passing groups of people and they did not acknowledge him. I commented to Harvey that nobody seems to notice him either except for me and little children. It is amazing how adults no longer see things around them as they become preoccupied with life and their electronic gadgets. Suddenly, the little girl noticed him and stopped to look at him. Luckily, I had my ever present camera and grabbed the moment. My wife often tells me I am juvenile but at least I can still see. Harvey and I got a great pleasure out of watching the ghost continue on his way and nobody saw him.

It is always entertaining and insightful to observe small children exploring the world and seeing how they see things.

Harvest Time

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I captured this image a year ago at a local farmers market near Duncan BC and it demonstrates the importance of the decisive moment. The incredibly dry hot summer this year caused all the pumpkins to ripen back in August so this image would not happen here at this local growers market.

I positioned the two pumpkins on the fender of this old rusting farm truck. I love the texture and colour on old rusting vehicles. There is a wonderful contrast between the freshly picked pumpkins and the long past warranty truck. These old vehicles are disappearing so it is important to capture the image, when the light is right, before it disappears. Now that fall is officially here tomorrow, I need to get out looking for fresh opportunities – I find it amusing when people say there is nothing to shoot or they have taken everything as I see fresh things everyday where I have been before. New images are around if one only slows down and really sees the light painting images around us. Happy fall image hunting!

By the way, I hate potato salad, but they have amazing red potato salad at this market; another reason to go out looking for images as you may just have to get a treat!

Bird of Paradise/Tofino

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My favourite daughter before she got married demonstrating my athletic abilities…..

Ashley Mazzotta wedding images: sample 1

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Here are some images from the wedding.

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Ashley Nicol: ready to go!

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It is hard to believe that my favourite daughter – “in fact my only daughter” as she observed one day when she was little – is now Ashley Mazzotta. I grabbed this photo just before I walked her down the “isle” at the outdoor wedding in Perth, Ontario. She was listening to the wedding planner explain the process to the bridesmaids and her. I took her photo when she turned to look at me. I much prefer candid expressions over the posed ones.

So it was my last moment with her before she was married so it is nice to have the memory.


Log Delivery!

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I finally captured the moment of a log dump with great sunshine and wonderful clouds!

I waited for one hour mid-morning for the logs to dump – you get no warning and it happens instantly. I forgot my tripod, which I will not forget again soon because I had to hold my camera to my eye, with a heavy lens, so that I did not miss the moment. It would have been effortless to have camera set up on tripod and then press remote release to take the image. After a half hour my arm was so sore that every five minutes I said I was only going to wait five more minutes but I repeated the cycle until it finally dumped.

The clouds were spectacular for the half hour prior to the logs falling off and I captured some other great images. So despite the lack of tripod, it was worthwhile and it was a nice break in my day to enjoy the sunshine and lack of snow here.

Home is where the heart is! Version 2

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My wife, Kerstin, told me about this photo opportunity a number of times so we finally went out to “bag it”. The funny thing is that it is right on a highway and I have driven by countless times and never noticed it. It is an example of always needing to be vigilante when looking for great photos or just enjoying your drive.

We pulled to the shoulder and as soon as we got out the owner of the property appeared and told us about the history of the home. I really enjoyed chatting with the owner and also learned about his railroad hobby. It was a delight to go see this and capture the charm.

Harvey with beverage.

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I managed to get out with Harvey again the other day for a photo walkabout. He is an invisible rabbit but you can see that he is enjoying a wonderful drink. I captured him at f/1.4  on my Leica M to create a smooth rendering in the out of focus areas and to keep the focus on him. We really enjoyed watching the people wandering around the waterfront and the temperature was perfect along with low humidity and best of all there are no biting insects.

This was taken in Nanaimo at the marina after we walked around for about two hours and it was refreshing to sit out on the outdoor waterfront balcony and watch the people head out fishing on the ocean. Harvey, as it turned, was not very thirsty so I had to finish his drink. I am a little afraid of getting mono from someone’s drink but he is a special friend so I finished it – one does have to take some risks to really live! Cheers!

Feeling Neglected

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This  is one of the worst looking boats I have seen moored on the ocean. They come in all sizes and generally end up sinking at some point or catching fire and sinking – a large boat (ship?) sank at Cowichan Bay this year after years of decay and no action. The various levels of governments point at each other. Various harbours have collections of them waiting for the governments to do something. They are often an eye sore but this was quaint in its own way.

It is unfortunate that the generally highly emotional but usually factually uninformed environmentalists ignore these and focus on pipelines that will destroy our future if the do not get done. It is also unfortunate that the environmentalists and natives are funded by foreign interests and governments to protect foreign interests from our resources and jobs.

I was drawn to the texture and colours and decay that contrast with the lovely ocean surface.

This boat is a great metaphor for a lot of  the elderly that are neglected by their family until they enthusiastically show up for the will reading. I run into a lot of lonely seniors that are forgotten by the “busy” people in today’s world.

Pierre St. Pierre

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This street performer, Pierre St. Pierre, is wonderful to watch as well as to  listen to the music. The vibrant colour and detail in his costume is excellent. I have no idea how these coin operated performers stay frozen in  a pose until someone puts money in. When playing music he did very well-executed mechanical movements just like a coin operated machine. Every time money was dropped in he repeated the  exact same movement and music.

When I came upon the scene nobody was getting him to play. I put some money in and he started to play and I captured a number of photos. Once people saw me taking photos a crowd started to collect and more people started to drop money in and take pictures. Lots of picture taking was going on by people that were not putting money in so he eventually humiliated them into donations by repeatedly pointing them at them and then gesturing toward the  donation bottle. The crowd loved it and it actually generated repeat donations from some people.

The curious part was the people walking by and not noticing him, other than a glance, until I got him playing. People sure need to slow down and see things around them. Once the crowd was there, people would eventually change out but a crowd constantly remained and kept him busy. It was entertaining to see little kids get sent over to put money in and then to see how some of them nervously went up and had to be prodded onward. Very delightful!