Urban Hunting

Posted by on February 16, 2012 in Photographic adventures | 0 comments

Candid photography has always been a favourite style of photography for me and I particularly enjoy the type of photography that is often called “street photography”. I spotted this building and loved the contrasts: in colour, the grunge of the building and the clean vehicles, the reflection of trees in the left window and the drab window coverings on the right, and so on. I realized that I needed to wait for the right person to enter the scene from the left. The camera was promptly set up on a tripod and the scene carefully framed. The camera had to be carefully postioned to get the reflection in the windows. I then waited for about 20 minutes for the right person to walk from the left into the stage.

Often it is much more productive to find a promising location and then wait for the subjects to arrive. If I wander around I usually end up with less productivity and feely a lot more fatigued.  Using this approach, it is easy to capture candid images as people do not pay any attention to me when the camera is set up on a tripod preframed because I do not look through the viewfinder when capturing the image.

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