Coastal Missions 30th

Posted by on February 27, 2012 in Photographic adventures | 1 comment

This group photo, taken in September of 2010, was a bit of a surprise for me. Coastal Missions asked me if I would take photos at their 30 Anniversary celebration. I was delighted at the prospect of helping out and capturing candid memories for them. The suprise and challenge was when I discovered that the group shot was about 300 people instead of the approximately 15 people I expected it to be. Fortunately, I have an ultrawide angle lens that could fit everyone in. Generally I do not like doing formal posed photographs and instead prefer captured the “decisive moment” candid images. However, the size of the group made it an interesting challenge and I realized it was an important record shot to have for the celebration.

It is a pleasure to know these delightful people – they are so full of joy and energy!

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