Joys of Childhood

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It was a wonderful spring day and I was going to catch up on a lengthy to do list. I had just received a new camera body – the Sony NEX 7 – and wanted to get out with it but felt guilty looking at my long overdue job jar. Finally, I called a friend about going out to take photos at Cowichan Bay and they also had a guilty conscience and a job jar. After a bit of discussion we decided to go out for a little outing. After a few minutes of picture taking our guilt evaporated and having fun in the sun was like getting fresh batteries for ourselves.

I saw this boy with his net and waited for the shot. He was fishing but had abandoned that activity and started to pursue his prey with a net. He was so carefree and I wondered if his parents were going to be mad about him wearing runners in the water. He was having such fun and not worring about anything – I learned a lot by watching him. I need to take more breaks from reality.

The Sony NEX 7 is a revolutionary camera. It is a tiny mirrorless camera that takes the same amazing image quality as my full frame DSLR. It was a joy to walk around for 3 hours without a heavy camera bag dragging me down. I had preordered it back in December and it had finally arrived after many delays due to the original factory being destroyed in  a flood. It was worth the wait and has been as close as I can  get to my dream camera. I love the viewfinder and the peak focusing for manual focus. This camera is a game changer for me.

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