Christmas: Butchart Gardens

Posted by on March 29, 2012 in Photographic adventures | 0 comments

This was my image that I used for my Christmas cards. It was pouring at the time I took the pictures but luckily I had my favourite daughter with me to hold the unbrella. Three images were taken and processed in Nik HDR software to capture the huge exposure range. Long exposures in the 30 second range were used to eliminate the crowds of people looking at the lights. I had to take many exposures because there were “ghosts” of people if they stopped or paused too long during an exposure.

I actually only have one daughter and used to always call her my favourite daughter. I still remember the day when she was little when the light bulb clicked on and she replied “in fact, I am your only daughter”. Children are such a blessing and keep you young until they turn teenagers.

Butchart Gardens is an amazing place to visit and has visitors from all over the world year around. It feels like being in Europe listening to all the different foreign languages around you.


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