Twin Sailboats

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This is a pair of sailboats enjoying the late afternoon outside the Victoria harbour in British Columbia. I grabbed the photo when I saw them start sailing adjacent to each other. After a couple of minutes they separated so I was glad that I grabbed the image as soon as I saw it happening.  In photography, as in lifes opportunities, a second chance does not happen when an opportunity unfolds. so it is extremely important to “Seize the moment” and then take more considered images if time allows to further explore the subject.

This was taken with a zoom set at 300mm. In the spring the air is so much clearer resulting in the mountain backdrop being very visible – normally this is often shrouded in a much heavier haze.

Initially I did a version of this image in colour where I enhanced the sunset but I found that the sunset started to compete with the sailboats as the subject. After living with the photo for a few days, I realized that  a black and white interpretation would make the sailboats the clear subject and so I reworked the image interpretation. It is always important in visual art to keep in mind what your subject is then remove anything that does not enhance the emphasis of the subject. I find that in many photographs that do not succeed, the photographer has included too many competing elements and the end result is a confusing image with no clear concept.


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  1. You’re right, the black and white version works much better but I still liked the sunset you created in the other.

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