Young Woman Reading

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It is wonderful to get away from it all and read a book. This photo opportunity reminded me of so many paintings from the masters of bygone eras. So many people are busy doing constant text messages that are meaningless – in contrast, a great book educates and stimulates the imagination. Vocabulary development and maintenance is so important especially with the dumbed down 100 word vocabulary that is all too common with today’s youth. Many people cannot express themselves these days and describe their experiences simplistically: “cool”, “awesome”, and so on. Probe a bit and they are unable to expand on their experiences. Language is so foundational to thinking – a frightening reality that is already here.

Pick up a literary classic  (and get out a dictionary!) by authors such as Jane Austin, Fyodor Dostoeyvsky, Thomas Hardy and be swept away from the cares of the moment by powerful language.


There is no frigate like a book

To take us lands away,

Nor any coursers like a page

Of prancing poetry.

This traverse may the poorest take

Without oppress of toll;

How frugal is the chariot

That bears a human soul!




  1. What a perfect spot to get lost in a book. It looks so serene and peaceful.

  2. This photograph is a great demonstration of the concept that the positioning of the subject can really tell a story. By placing her at the left edge, looking out of the picture, you have reinforced her indifference to the mass of blue Camas Lilies that most people would go there to see. It really does tell a story

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