The Scottish kilt

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This type of photography is one of my favorites and definitely involves reportage skills – knowing your camera well and being able to instantly capture the moment. I had but a moment to grab this scene as they got up right after I made the photo.

I grew up in a home that had Scottish heritage but I have never worn a kilt. Apparently, underwear may or may not be worn, as the wearer prefers, although tradition has it that a true Scotsman should wear nothing under his kilt. The Scottish Tartans Authority, however, has described the practice as childish and unhygienic.

When I observed this gentleman relaxing after coming from the Highland Games in Victoria I realized that he must have never been educated on how to sit with a kilt on. Hence, I moved my viewpoint over to the right to maintain the mystery of whether or not something is worn under a kilt and to keep the photo in the acceptable decency range. Upon reflection, I suppose girls must get instruction on how to sit with a dress on. You would think his wife would point this out to him but you can see by her gaze that she is not in the moment but is off somewhere else.

If you look closely, there are little skulls on his braided beard and fingers. I did not notice this until I was processing the photo – so you can find further luck sometimes in your photo.

I captured this moment with my new Sony NEX-7 camera – I love it for street photography. It is a lot lighter and quieter and most importantly much less attention grabbing than a huge DSLR.


  1. This is by far my favourite image yet! Not only is it hilarious, the colour and positioning is perfect. I’m still giggling!

  2. The absence of a tartan makes me question whether this gentleman is Scottish, or using the excuse of the Highland Games to go out dressed as he is. The addition of all those skulls suggests he may be an exhibitionist of some type, and you’d never expect an exhibionist to wear underwear…

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