Duncan Garage

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This is an example of “Be Prepared”, the motto of the Boy Scouts. It is important to have a camera with you at all times – sort of similar to having a hand gun in New York City.

It was the day before Mother’s Day and I was going to be cooking the dinner the next day. I had everything organized and then realized that I needed a pie for dessert (not thinking of myself of course!). It was late afternoon and I dashed out in search of a decent pie – most of the store ones are not edible these days as they generally have cardboard for a crust and sugar appears to be the main ingredient.

I had just gotten out of the car and noticed this nastalgic scene. It reminded me of people enjoying the simple pleasures of life of a bygone era. I had my camera in the trunk and I took the time to put a polarizer on which cut the glare of the sun and increased the richness of the scene. It is still important to use a polarizer as post processing in Photoshop is never as effective.

This was one of our first sunny and warm days after a long rainy spring and it was a delight to be out enjoying the sun.

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