The Couple

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This was taken with a Zeiss C Sonnar 50 mm f/1.5 ZM lens on an adapter mounted on the lovely Sony NEX-7 and I love the way it draws. A lens is the equivalent of a brush for a painter and every lens draws differently. There are many negative reviews of this lens but it is due to a lack of expertise on the part of the reviewer – it is important to find a competent reviewer when trying to make a purchase decision on anything. I find the majority of the camera magazines have biased incompetent reviews. The “drawing” of each lens is very individual  and suits different tastes and different lighting applications and this aspect is rarely considered although it is really the important aspect for consideration on a purchase for advanced photographers. The rendering of infocus areas and out of focus areas by each lens design is usually quite unique in character.

This image was taken with the lens at the f/1.5 aperature to render the background out of focus. This lens is wonderful for the particularly smooth rendering of out of focus areas.

I have attempted to capture this scene a number of times and finally it all came together.

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