This photograph was taken after a photographic field trip with a camera club that was quite the soaking adventure. I was at Botanical Beach taking pictures, with my favourite daughter, during a heavy rain storm that got me completely soaked – I was very ill-prepared for the heavy rain and wind. Afterwards, we (mostly I) got lost driving home as the rain was heavy and it was very dark with the heavy cloud cover. It turned out we were on the highway to Victoria and there was suddenly an opening on a bridge where we could see the Pacific Ocean and this wonderful light. I backed the car up to the bridge and rushed with my camera to compose the scene; I knew that the amazing light that attracted me could disappear at any moment. Realizing that the dynamic range of the lighting was far too extreme for a single exposure, I got Ashley to race back to the car to get my tripod. The three necessary exposures were made and then moments later the dramatic lighting disappeared.

The three exposures were merged in HDR software but I had a challenge achieving a natural looking image. Persevering in Photoshop I finally got the photograph that captures the drama in a natural way. This photograph always brings back the whole day for me and the pleasure of discovering this scene.