Rainy day

Posted by on December 16, 2012 in Photographic adventures | 2 comments

This was a dark stormy day with a bone chilling wind. I love taking pictures during bad weather as it creates a wonderful atmosphere. After roaming around and starting to feel somewhat weatherbeaten I went to my favorite restaurant that has a scenic window seat in a greenhouse. I captured a number of images that I was delighted with. These are three of them and I often make great images at this window – the waitress is getting used to me being there with my camera. I deliberately used a wide aperature to blur the background to create a more abstract painterly feeling.


  1. Renoir comes to mind when I look at these images, especially the first one. I just love these images! It’s almost as if there are two world colliding here, the inside and the out and you can feel what it would be like to in both environments. Wonderful!

  2. I like these “Rainy Day” images, particularly the first one – it could be a wintery day in Paris – or anywhere – because the background is non-specific. Your capture of the people with heads down against the blustery wind is perfect. In that first one, I could almost feel the bite of the wind and rain

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