Home on the Pacific

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I went out looking for colourful leaves in  November and was rewarded with this scene of a boat that reminded me of fall colours. This house boat is located in Genoa Bay where there is a restaurant that makes the absolute best calamari. I went there once with my favorite daughter and the waitress had a very loud argument with the chef to make us calamari – he felt the kitchen was now closed. We ended up with our calamari but it would have made a great tv episode on how not to treat your customers. I have been back and they really know how to make calamari.

I did not notice the extra blessing of the dog sitting in the chair on the boat patiently waiting for the woman to head off to the open Pacific ocean. It was quite chilly and late afternoon, so I was a bit curious where they could be heading.


  1. I remember that argument! What a fun lunch, there is never a dull moment when we have lunch together!

  2. Thought you might enjoy more info re: MV Vesta and her skipper. Check out http://pacificwoodenboats.com/2012/03/07/vesta-returns-for-updates/

  3. Nice shot, and good story Brian. I have eaten there a few times too, and am about ready to make another fall trip there soon

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