Going Whole Hog!

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This demonstrates ┬áthe importance of being loaded for bear all of the time; carrying a decent camera instead of just a smart phone. I was strolling the streets and spotted this pig being cooked on an outdoor grill at a restaurant in Victoria BC – The Local Bar. It makes me salivate every time I look at this image. The colours were amazing and the smoke occasionally drifted out of the nostrils of the delicious looking critter. It took a bit of waiting for some fat to cause flare-up on the coals and for the pig to be in the right position. During the wait, it was hard to resist the temptation to break off a leg to munch on.

This was taken on February 2 and the non-local people should notice the lack of snow – I can sell you a home here….! This used to be one of my favourite places to sit with my daughter and chat and people watch when she lived here. I have not been there since she decided to go back east to find steady work. She is really missed every time I do chores around the yard and home repairs. Unfortunately, she is engaged to an Italian heritage guy (very very nice, but with typical huge close extended family – watch the My Big Fat Greek Wedding movie for the idea) so there is low likelihood she will move back to God’s country. If only his family would see the merit in moving here and then best of all I could be the number one REALTOR on this island.

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