It was nice to see this lady not looking at her “smart” phone or ipad –so many people are disconnected from the moment these days by their electronic impersonal gadgets. It looked like she was showing the sailor her purchases when I went by so I had to capture this moment.

I had to grab this photo as she seemed to be suspicious of me – right from the beginning she seemed to be watching me as shown in the second image. I guess I was looking less than inconspicuous with three cameras! I decided to move on as she did not look very friendly….but I forgot that I could probably run faster than my brother.

My favourite brother, Ron, was visiting from Edmonton and we were walking around with cameras and he thought my big white telephoto and other cameras hanging around my neck made me look over compensating. In my youth I participated in the Boy Scouts where our motto was “be prepared” and I have never forgotten that concept so I often go out with more lenses than I need. bnicol_20140620_013-Edit