Seasonal Hood Ornaments

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It is not fall yet but I am busy making my fall card to send out for my real estate business. In about 8 weeks I will be searching for next years fall images. The colours of fall and the newly harvested vegetables and fruits are wonderful to see even if they are not image worthy. My wife is occasionally frustrated that I take a camera everywhere: “Do you really need to bring that to the restaurant?” At least I still talk to her, look at all the vacant people around you busy with their ipads and “smart” phones unaware of the people they are with and the real more interesting world around them. Most people shopping did not notice this image opportunity until they saw me taking pictures, and then out came the smart phones to capture it.

You may have noticed (the fourĀ individuals that look at my blog: me, myself, I, and Harvey my invisible rabbit friend), that I like colour and texture. These pumpkins were lined up on the hood of an old truck at Russell Farms near Duncan BC. The green on the windshield was a lovely backdrop to the pumpkins. I was so excited when I saw it and knew this was my card image for this year. There are a lot of opportunities to capture wonderful images at Russell Farms. I took this image while I was picking up vegetables for my favourite wife, Kerstin, of 34 years. You never know what treasures are out there on a mere shopping trip; sometimes I even remember to pick up all the items. If I forget some items in my excitement, there is always the quite believable “they were out of stock”!

Get ready for fall by getting out and making memories now. Cheers! Brian

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