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It is do delightful to meet eccentric vibrant artists. Returning to my car parked beside this ¬†sidewalk artist, I stopped and realized I should take time to capture a portrait of him. Most of the time when I went by he was not there or just starting a work of art. He has come up with this new wonderful idea of where people could take pictures of their friends and loved ones standing on the tray of the server. I engaged him in conversation and eventually asked where he got his art education. He responded ” in another galaxy and in another time”. I was initially irritated and then realized that was probably not far off my response. My wife has often accused me of being juvenile but I feel I am imaginative! In this day and age of increasingly cookie cutter stores, products, and people it is refreshing to meet someone that is on the “fringe” and interesting. So many people are hard to chat with as they have no interests beyond the weather….

I really enjoy unique things and people. It is so hard to find hand made things these days. MacDonalds and et al, and their dismal mediocre offerings, are everywhere in the world. I can remember when I was a kid that different malls had real boutiques with different goods. Now you can travel around the globe and get the same boring thing and its poorly made in China. It might last until you get home.

The same is common in the arts. So many people are copying others instead of daring to discover themselves and a unique style that some will like and probably many will dislike. I find incredible stimulus by meeting artists in various mediums who are truly exploring themselves and the world around them. It is often a delight to meet vibrant eccentric people even if they are not artists as they will stimulate you. Get out and visit with the nutty cat lady or the the person who invests time into gorgeous temporary chalk art and you will most certainly be enriched by the experience even if you are not an artist!

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  1. Love the unique, quirkiness of this image. Is it just me or does the artist resemble his art?

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