Pierre St. Pierre

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This street performer, Pierre St. Pierre, is wonderful to watch as well as to  listen to the music. The vibrant colour and detail in his costume is excellent. I have no idea how these coin operated performers stay frozen in  a pose until someone puts money in. When playing music he did very well-executed mechanical movements just like a coin operated machine. Every time money was dropped in he repeated the  exact same movement and music.

When I came upon the scene nobody was getting him to play. I put some money in and he started to play and I captured a number of photos. Once people saw me taking photos a crowd started to collect and more people started to drop money in and take pictures. Lots of picture taking was going on by people that were not putting money in so he eventually humiliated them into donations by repeatedly pointing them at them and then gesturing toward the  donation bottle. The crowd loved it and it actually generated repeat donations from some people.

The curious part was the people walking by and not noticing him, other than a glance, until I got him playing. People sure need to slow down and see things around them. Once the crowd was there, people would eventually change out but a crowd constantly remained and kept him busy. It was entertaining to see little kids get sent over to put money in and then to see how some of them nervously went up and had to be prodded onward. Very delightful!

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  1. Wonderful! I love how you generated a crowd around him simply by donating and taking his photo. You must have made his day and that of the passerbys. It’s so interesting what is right in front of you when you take the time to look.

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