Feeling Neglected

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This  is one of the worst looking boats I have seen moored on the ocean. They come in all sizes and generally end up sinking at some point or catching fire and sinking – a large boat (ship?) sank at Cowichan Bay this year after years of decay and no action. The various levels of governments point at each other. Various harbours have collections of them waiting for the governments to do something. They are often an eye sore but this was quaint in its own way.

It is unfortunate that the generally highly emotional but usually factually uninformed environmentalists ignore these and focus on pipelines that will destroy our future if the do not get done. It is also unfortunate that the environmentalists and natives are funded by foreign interests and governments to protect foreign interests from our resources and jobs.

I was drawn to the texture and colours and decay that contrast with the lovely ocean surface.

This boat is a great metaphor for a lot of  the elderly that are neglected by their family until they enthusiastically show up for the will reading. I run into a lot of lonely seniors that are forgotten by the “busy” people in today’s world.

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  1. I love the texture the decaying colours have against the ocean. You bring up and excellent point about the serious environmental issue the forgotten, decaying boats have on our ecosystem and the lack of focus of the issue right in front us. Certainly something to think about. It’s images like this that make me wonder what the story is behind this boat. I imagine it having seen many adventures before it was left here.

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