Log Delivery!

Posted by on April 6, 2015 in Photographic adventures | 0 comments


I finally captured the moment of a log dump with great sunshine and wonderful clouds!

I waited for one hour mid-morning for the logs to dump – you get no warning and it happens instantly. I forgot my tripod, which I will not forget again soon because I had to hold my camera to my eye, with a heavy lens, so that I did not miss the moment. It would have been effortless to have camera set up on tripod and then press remote release to take the image. After a half hour my arm was so sore that every five minutes I said I was only going to wait five more minutes but I repeated the cycle until it finally dumped.

The clouds were spectacular for the half hour prior to the logs falling off and I captured some other great images. So despite the lack of tripod, it was worthwhile and it was a nice break in my day to enjoy the sunshine and lack of snow here.

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