Harvest Time

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I captured this image a year ago at a local farmers market near Duncan BC and it demonstrates the importance of the decisive moment. The incredibly dry hot summer this year caused all the pumpkins to ripen back in August so this image would not happen here at this local growers market.

I positioned the two pumpkins on the fender of this old rusting farm truck. I love the texture and colour on old rusting vehicles. There is a wonderful contrast between the freshly picked pumpkins and the long past warranty truck. These old vehicles are disappearing so it is important to capture the image, when the light is right, before it disappears. Now that fall is officially here tomorrow, I need to get out looking for fresh opportunities – I find it amusing when people say there is nothing to shoot or they have taken everything as I see fresh things everyday where I have been before. New images are around if one only slows down and really sees the light painting images around us. Happy fall image hunting!

By the way, I hate potato salad, but they have amazing red potato salad at this market; another reason to go out looking for images as you may just have to get a treat!

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  1. Beautiful!! I’ve always had a fascination with vintage trucks, pair that with my favourite season and you have this beautiful image!!

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