Legendary Service!

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This picture captures the concept of legendary service. I strive to deliver legendary service in my real estate business ( I learned my work ethics in my parents store in the old era of values being teached in the schools Рstealing and dishonesty used to be wrong ) and find it getting rarer and rarer to find people that strive to deliver excellent service and products. Got to your local store and stand waiting for the staff to notice you and then they continue to chat with each other and point to the credit card machine. Go to a typical eatery and stare at your empty coffee cup. However, if one searches diligently  you find wonderful people and the servers get tipped well and do not get taken for granted.

I explained to Kayla, the server in the photo. the concept I wanted to create in a photo. She readily accepted the assignment and said that the next time she serves a beverage that she would pose for the photo. I am really grateful for her enthusiastic cooperation. By the way, Kayla, is fabulous at service and bringing a ready smile to your dinner.

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