American Graffiti at the Wheatsheaf

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bnicol_20151015_046-Edit-EditThese cars are amazing and between appointments I just had to stop and grab this photo. There are usually a lot more cars in the parking lot on a Friday at lunch time but it is October so less turned up and they had parked out front to get their photo taken. Everyone had their phones out to capture pictures but I was blessed to have a real camera with me. Hence, if you want a large image of this picture I will be delighted to help you out and lighted your wallet for you as well!

There was a more modern car parked in the left side of the photo that required editing out which I do not enjoy doing but this photo was worth the effort. People were stopping to look at the cars and then continue on their journey. Maybe the car manufacturers could learn something from this. The problem with the cars over the recent decades is they all look alike – dog excrement; tapered on both ends. How, unattractive and I cannot even spot my car in the parking lot as they all look alike and are mostly one of four colours. Take a look around, how hard is it to find a car that is not white, silver, black, or beige. It is very hard to spot blue, red or any other exciting colour. Go to a Honda or Toyota dealership in particular and be especially prepared for not exciting in design or colour (I own an Acura (Honda) by the way). Apparently people like somewhat reliable excrement!

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  1. I love all the colours and how they’re displayed. I miss all the classic car on the Island.

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