The Chevy at the Wheaty

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This is a car I always wanted to buy back in the late 60s and turn it into a hot car. I could not resist taking this picture as the liquor store and car have make a nostalgic scene of a kinder and much more respectful era.

The colour of this convertible is wonderful and makes you want to go for a tour on a sunny day. They sure knew how to make cars that were unique and appealing back then. Now I cannot tell one car from another much less guess what year it was. Many people could and still can tell you the exact year of the cars back in that era due to their unique characteristics even if it was largely just a new paint scheme. The manufacturers today, in general, only design nondescript cars that are about as exciting as the generic stuff that fast food places try to position as food. You gotta love the chrome (for the young people: it is not plastic!).

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