Heavy Chevy!

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Look at that amazing grill! It reminds me of those people, that display a wall of chicklets when they smile, less than naturally, in dental advertizements; but this is absolutely gorgeous! Even though I was wearing a suit, I had to get down on one knee to capture this wonderful Chevy truck. It was in a generally photogenic location instead of parked among a crowd of vehicles. The sun stars are created by the gorgeous Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 ZM lens on my Leica M. Most people think all lenses are alike but a zoom would not have been able to capture the tonal range, micro contrast, the 3D look, and sun stars in this image. Each lens is like a paint brush and creates its own individual rendering of the image which is clearly visible to the discerning eye. I had a Leica 35mm f/1.4 lens before but much prefer the rendering of this lens and wonderfully it is much less expensive. We are blessed with so many choices in camera equipment these days which enhances the objective of photography – creating the image that best captures the artist’s vision.

There was a distracting hydro pole behind the truck which I had to remove on the computer as I did not have my chainsaw with me. I prefer to minimize having to clone out things in the photo but sometimes it is necessary. I also eliminated a mess of aerial wires.


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  1. As much as I detest pick-up trucks, you have to love that Chevy truck in the first photo. Wow! You are very correct in saying all cars look alike now however reliability and good gas mileage are more important to most people these days. I will send you a photo of the 1967 T-Bird coupe that I used to own. It was a head-turner but only got 10 miles per gallon. As a result, it has gone to a new home. Great website Brian.

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