A Victorian Christmas

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It is hard to believe that Christmas is rapidly approaching. I create hand crafted fine art cards of my images that I mail out to my real estate clients, family, friends including my invisible friend Harvey the rabbit. Since I write over 150 Christmas cards, this means that they need to be made now so that they can get written in time. I prepare all the envelopes with address, postage, and return address so that when I have time between appointments that I am able to use it effectively by writing cards.

The biggest challenge is coming up with an unique great image for each year. I took this last year and will have to get out this year soon to find the “one”.

I had just arrived in Victoria and this is the first picture I took after just getting out of the car – amazing luck! However, luck does involve being there, observant, and ready… The carriage was just coming up the street and I waited for it to stop at the intersection as it was too dark to get a high quality moving image. After carefully composing the image with the clock in the background the picture was created. I processed the image to make it look more romantic and painterly in style and love the blues created by the Christmas lights.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. This might be my new favourite picture! It looks like it could be a scene from a movie. I just love the blue lighting and clock. Everything about it is whimsical yet classic.

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