Shark Bait

Posted by on October 7, 2017 in Photographic adventures | 2 comments

I have decided to get back to my blog after a lengthy absence due to a number of reasons. This picture was taken after walking more than 10,000 steps along the ocean front in Qualicum Beach. I have taken very few pictures this year due to being very busy but have started to get back out. I am years overdue on doing adequate levels of exercise so have started to change habits and get out walking. Having a camera with me provides a bit a encouragement to get out walking. This picture was taken less than week ago and I saw Calgary got hit with a blizzard so it reinforces the joy of living here!


  1. Beautiful! I love the bird mid flight over the paddlers and the monochromatic colours make it feel so peaceful. I’m mostly happy to read you’ve been back out taking pictures and walking though.

  2. Good to see you packing your camera again. We’ll have to get together for coffee sometime. The colors in this photo are great – really relaxing and quiet.

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