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Posted by on November 18, 2017 in Photographic adventures | 1 comment

I have been wanting to take a photo of this tree for years but the light was never correct. On the way to the office, I spotted it displaying its most colourful outfit with a great sky. It had been dark and rainy for a few days but the perfect day finally arrived before the leaves were gone. A couple of days later the leaves were largely fallen so I appreciated the opportunity to capture the moment. I make a lot more effort these days to carry my camera at all times and it is nice to be able to catch these fleeting moments.

It struck me that this tree was  representing not being part of the crowd on the right. So many people pretend they are being an individual but they follow the group. It is nice when a person just is their authentic self instead of blending in with the crowd. People often blindly follow the group or crowd because they think a number of people must be right or they just want to be liked. However, often the crowd goes in the wrong direction. Popularity and numbers are a very false test of truth. It is important for the individual to stand for truth and search out truth. As an example, the fake news is getting worse by the month with the lack of real journalism and the hidden agenda of the mostly left biased media: CBC, CNN and so on. The fake media is  no longer reporting facts and are leaving truth that does not fit their agenda or misleads people. Unfortunately, people now have to make an effort to search for the truth on the internet but thank God it is there!

This image was taken with a Leica SL which gets bashed by the on-line “experts” that have an agenda to promote Canon and Nikon for personal gain or bias. However, competent pros know the truth and I am delighted to not be part of the crowd and just get out and enjoy using it.

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  1. I love your insight behind this image. Not only does this tree stand alone, it is the most beautiful and vibrant of them all.

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