The Wall

Posted by on November 19, 2017 in Photographic adventures | 1 comment

This moment was captured on the way to a meeting. After I parked, I noticed and loved the light on the wall and all of the elements; the lamp with the hanging baskets, the window awnings, the diagonal lines, the shadows. All that  was necessary was to get my camera out and wait for the right person to come along and complete the scene. I got out my Leica SL with the relatively large 24-90 zoom lens which is less than discrete and composed the framing that I wanted. A tough looking man came along and I started to prepare to take a picture but he noticed me and glared menacingly at me. I dropped my camera but then missed taking wonderful pictures of him walking straight into the lamp post. He placed his arms around the post to stabilize himself and swung dizzily around the post with with flowers tangled on his face. He struggled to get the vines out of his face and momentarily staggered a few steps and then tried to pretend I was not there as he walked off. I wanted to burst out into laughter but suppressed myself.

I continued to wait and then amazingly had two separate women stop as they did not want to photo bomb my picture. If only more people were so considerate but in this case it was contrary to my objective. A few people started to chat at the corner and I liked the shadow so luckily they stayed until this cooperative subject hit the spot. I then continued on to my appointment in a great mood because of my memories during my wait. I find carrying my camera makes me much more observant and I enjoy little moments more rather than mindlessly drifting through the day.

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  1. I laughed so hard reading this! I can just picture it all happening. To bad you didn’t capture the man falling all over himself.

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