Thunderbird Memories

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I have always wanted a Thunderbird since the 60s. They eventually dropped the ball in later years – one wonders how they could lose the recipe and turn it into a generic car. Then around 2000 they tried to recapture the spirit of the Thunderbird but the ride and power were poorly engineered but it still appeals as shown below. I was out trying to walk 10,000 steps as part of my new fitness program and was carrying my Leica SL when I discovered this gem. It looked like it had just rolled out of the factory. It was spotless and a gorgeous colour. The scene appeared straight out of a Hollywood movie in California but this was the ocean front in Qualicum Beach in October. It reminded me why I live here and not shoveling snow in the rest of Canada. As I am a REALTOR, you may want to contact me so that I can solve your weather issues.

On a side note, when I lived in California around 1999, I was driving in Santa Rosa with my wife’s car. Suddenly, I spotted a late 50s red Thunderbird convertible being driven by a young blonde coming in the opposite direction. It looked like a movie scene. I watched it go by and did not notice that the traffic had stopped in front of me. I drove right into the rear end of an old Volvo station wagon which had a huge 70s bumper that destroyed the front of the car. It was so embarrassing trying to explain why I never braked. I called my wife to let her know I had just been in an accident and the first thing she asked was how was her car. Now every time I see a classic Thunderbird I remember that time all too clearly but at least no one got injured. It is good not to have a boring life. It’s a good life!

Cheers! Brian

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  1. I remember that crash so clearly and tell the story every time I see a Thunderbird. I wasn’t there but answered the call when you phoned to tell mom the news. I got a good laugh reminiscing about this.

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