A day in the park

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I have not done any child photography since my favorite daughter was a kid. It is challenging to do as kids are the extreme opposite of stationary – especially in a playground! Eddie is 4 years old and clearly enjoys exploring the world and the simple pleasures of life. He could have stayed there all day even though it was rather damp and chilly. I followed him around until I thought I might lose too much weight…I am trying to do the healthy 1 pound a week! If you want to do an extreme workout, do exactly what a kid does for 15 minutes.

He was generally oblivious of the camera and so the only challenge was to be ready to capture an expression or gesture. In doing this type of photography, it is important to look for good lighting and then watch for opportunities so that you are ready for the right moment. If the moment is gone, it is not coming back – that is part of the gratification of capturing the right moment. It is like fishing; you need knowledge, practice, and patience.

The sea-saw offered the opportunity to create a strong image with the blue leading line to the subject. A series of pictures were taken to have at least one picture of the activity and then the magic moment happened and I knew I had a keeper. The best part was his mother thought it was the best picture of him ever so it was a successful outing for all.

I prefer to catch candid moments rather than posed pictures so that there is a glimpse of the real person and not just a static or “fake” image of the person. My favourite images of the day are below.

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