Christmas 2017

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I did not get out in 2016 for Christmas images so was determined to get out for this past Christmas. It was the first time I had used a tripod for a long time but like riding a bicycle it got easy to use quickly so that I could take pictures slowly. It was amazing to hear all the foreign languages being spoken around me as I was setting up. There were a lot of cell phones being used for pictures which can take great pictures in sunshine but are not great for night pictures. Humorously, to me, flashes were going off on some of them attempting to capture the rather distant scene. This will be my Christmas card photo for 2018 but since nobody looks at this blog other than my favourite daughter it will be fresh for them.

It was a chilly evening and I got there in time to get the picture just before the evening sky went black. I love the rich indigo light at that time but it lasts for only a few minutes. Having to wear gloves slows down things but I enjoyed walking around and seeing all the lights. Those that actually look closely at things, will notice that there is green grass in the foreground. Unfortunately, there is no snow here to enhance Christmas but surprisingly I do not miss snow! Happy New Year to Ashley! (remember, she is the only one that reads the blog, or at least comments)


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