On your tippy toes

Posted by on January 6, 2018 in Photographic adventures | 2 comments

My initial interest that got me into photography was black and white images back in the good old film days. I used to process the film and spend hours in the darkroom and never lost the joy of seeing an image emerge in the tray of developer. Then I got attracted to the amazing colours of Kodachrome and projecting the image but I should have also continued B&W as it is magical with the right image. This image is so much better in B&W than colour and there certainly was not a lot of colour in this anyway.

I love the graphic timeless nature of black and white. I am going to get back into B&W images and also put more emphasis into “street photography” where there is a human element in public places which is a category this image fits. This image is back lit by large windows  providing a nice dramatic silhouette lighting. I am always observing how light illuminates a scene and enjoy capturing day to day life. This moment was captured the a Leica SL and 24-90mm lens which is huge but grabbed the shot beautifully – and it only did last a moment! The camera was prepared after entering the restaurant in case something interesting happened so the exposure and so on was already sorted out and all I had to do was grab the camera and compose. One really needs to be on their toes to capture the fleeting moments of life.


  1. This is hands down my favourite image of recent. I love the vintage feel and the texture of the floors and her shoes. I keep coming back to it to study and imagine what she is looking at.

    • I am delighted that you enjoyed it and appreciate your comments. Cheers!

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