This image was captured in August on one of my few photo outings since my car accident in April. My total lack of balance gave me a lot of trouble getting around on the uneven ground and maneuvering with the camera. Then I had a lot of trouble figuring out camera settings, that used to be natural to me, due to my concussion injuries. I had to struggle to lie down on the gravel and rocks to capture this image but it was worth it. Kate’s mother loved the image and wanted it printed so that was a very satisfying encouragement to keep persevering forward with my photography hobby that has been on hold. There were over a hundred inuksuk  markers around the area but I did not have a tripod to capture an adequate image. I went back about 5 weeks later with a tripod and most the beautiful markers had been knocked down – we really need to have much higher penalties for these pathetic people that do not respect anything but unfortunately the liberal types only encourage it instead of making people accountable for their actions.

This photo was captured with the Panasonic G9 and an amazing Olympus 75/1.8 lens. I love that rendering of that lens and it it such a tiny jewel that is a pleasure to carry around ready to capture decisive moments as the following.

Another image that I captured and felt black and white provided the best interpretation:

I hope you enjoy these and I wonder if you have a favourite?