This was captured further up the river from the “Hole in the wall” location near Port Alberni. I took my tripod so that I could capture the the whole scene in focus. It was actually in quite deep shade and chilly. I loved the light giving shape to the rocks and the serenity of the whole scene. The water was so transparent and bone chilling cold as confirmed when my foot slipped off a rock into the icy water. A Hasselblad X1D and an amazing XCD 30mm lens (24mm equivalent in full frame) were used – and of course mounted on a tripod to keep the ISO at a noiseless setting. The 30mm is razor sharp right to the extreme corners of the image which is critical for landscapes. I would like to go back more often but my balance issue makes it treacherous getting up the relatively steep and rocky in places trail. I took bear spray with me for the first time on a photographic outing so felt much serenity knowing I would be able to protect myself from the criminal public.