I got out to the Brits on the Beach car show in Ladysmith in July and this was my favourite car. The weather was beautiful and not hot like a lot of years. It was really crowded as usual and I hovered around this car for about a half hour trying to select the perfect angle and then wait for it to be free of people all around it. This was one of the most popular cars in the show so it was impossible to capture a great image of it. I finally roamed around the show and came back when the show was clearing out. I asked the owner if I could get a photo just as they were about to depart. They were delighted to cooperate and had thoroughly enjoyed all the appreciation at the car event.

This is a Drophead Foursome Coupe-de-ville on a Rover chassis. Quite the mouthful! This photo was taken with my lovely Panasonic G9 and an Olympus 45mm f/1.2. The Oly has a gorgeous rendering and who says you cannot take professional photos with M43!