It is amazing how people do not get any near to being fully into the moment they are in. This young woman was standing at a traffic light on a busy intersection and she was constantly glancing at her phone and then licking the ice cream cone. She probably was not fully enjoying the treat as she kept looking at the phone. She crossed the street still looking at her phone instead of watching out for people and cars turning. If people got unplugged from their electronic devices they could take in the joy of being in the moment: really enjoying their treat, enjoying the sunny day, enjoying the sights and sound around them. The UN recently added social media as an official addiction. The irony is using social media for more than a few minutes a day only wastes your time on superficiality instead of worthwhile activities.

This image was captured with the amazing easy to travel with Panasonic G9 and the Panasonic Leica 12-60mm lens.