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This is the ship that created the surreal colours that the goose swam into. I loved the colourful ship and the incredible clouds that day. It is interesting to see the patchwork of colour on the hull. They clearly have been using different batches of paint to do maintenance whenever they get a chance when it is in port or calm water. It appears to be a ship that lays cable in the ocean and is out of London England. Usually this dock is empty so I really appreciated the ship and the clouds doing a spectacular show.

This was also captured with the Panasonic G9 and the Panasonic Leica 12-60mm f/2.8-4. It is such as compact combination that one can carry it all day without strain or notice. When my daughter Ashley was here in August, she loved using to capture her high energy two year old.

Canada Goose

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This image was captured on a stroll with my wife Kerstin out to Ogden Point in Victoria BC. It was a gloriously beautiful day and a colourful ship in the background created wonderful saturated reflections. I was enjoying the beauty of the reflections and then spotted this goose coming my way so I prepared to capture the decisive moment where his head entered the clear spot above the orange. The triangular shape nicely leads to the goose. Carrying a camera helps one learn to see these moments that are a joy. I see people walking along on this point looking at their cell phone and the really are missing out on life distracted by meaningless superficiality. Power the phone off so that you are not tempted to look or be distracted by a ding and start enjoying the people and world around you or with you.

This moment was captured by the Panasonic G9 and the Pansonic Leica 12-60mm f/2.8-4 lens. The extra reach of this lens is so useful and it has a nice rendering and is sharp.

May in Cowichan Bay

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It is really rainy here right now but at least we do not have snow. To cheer myself up, I went back to May and found a lovely fishing boat scene located in one of my favourite ocean harbours. Cowichan Bay is a picturesque fishing port village that is packed with tourists during the spring to fall seasons. I love strolling around the docks and searching for photo opportunities. It is always different every time I go so it always feels like a fresh exploration. The great thing is that there is a oceanfront pub where you can enjoy the scenery from a large balcony with a Guiness in one hand and my camera in the other hand ready to grab a fleeting memory. The sky was spectacular on this occasion and it was a nice break from business.

The image was captured with a Panasonic G9 and the lovely Panasonic Leica 12-60/2.8-4 lens.

Little red pickup.

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This is an example of the importance of always carrying a camera with you. I was going to a pub for lunch and found this gorgeous pickup on my way. Who would have guessed that someone would have this out on a cloudy March day. It was so pristine and looked like it had just rolled off the assembly line. The tires were spotless. I think it would make a great real estate car but my wife probably would not be convinced. I suspect my daughter Ashley would love this vehicle though.

The image was captured with a Panasonic G9 and a Panasonic Leica 12-60mm f/2.8-4 lens.

Little red truck

I’m out of here!

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I was out trying to get my 8000 steps in a year ago and came across these 4 seagulls all busy doing their hygiene or napping. I quickly brought my camera up and captured this image just as the one bird must have decided that I was getting too close and took off. The others all immediately snapped out of their daydreaming and followed their friend. It was a very foggy chilly day with not much happening or picture worthy but this picture made lugging my heavy Leica SL and massive 24-90mm f2.8- 4 lens worthwhile. It is blazing fast at auto focus and very accurate in focus but I am selling it as it is just to heavy for lengthy strolls.

Choices at the crosswalk.

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It is amazing how people do not get any near to being fully into the moment they are in. This young woman was standing at a traffic light on a busy intersection and she was constantly glancing at her phone and then licking the ice cream cone. She probably was not fully enjoying the treat as she kept looking at the phone. She crossed the street still looking at her phone instead of watching out for people and cars turning. If people got unplugged from their electronic devices they could take in the joy of being in the moment: really enjoying their treat, enjoying the sunny day, enjoying the sights and sound around them. The UN recently added social media as an official addiction. The irony is using social media for more than a few minutes a day only wastes your time on superficiality instead of worthwhile activities.

This image was captured with the amazing easy to travel with Panasonic G9 and the Panasonic Leica 12-60mm lens.

Family Outing

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I was walking around Victoria trying to capture images of daily life. I loved how this family was taking a coffee break on the sidewalk and each was in their world. Some people do not realize that every moment does not have to be filled with talk. They all looked like they were enjoying a break from walking around as indicated by the mom who has her bare feet up on the table. The father had a serious look on his face and was probably thinking about the sports game on tv that he was missing. The daughter was looking like she was totally relaxed and enjoying the moment.

I captured this moment with my Panasonic G9 and a Panasonic Leica 12-60 lens that renders with a nice 3D feeling.

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas!

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We were enjoying nice pleasant weather until about December 3rd (why I live here instead of Edmonton where my favourite brother lives and is huddled inside his igloo) but we has two nights in a row about 4 days ago that plunged to 16 C. Jack Frost had been everywhere over night painting everything with the most gorgeous thick frost I have ever seen. After the second night, I went out to my car and noticed a child must have put their hand print on it the previous day. It was so beautiful and I stopped what I was doing to go in and get the appropriate lens to capture the delicate image. This image can be greatly enlarged and the ice crystals are so sharp and clear.

I was happy that I seized the moment as rain removed all evidence later.

The photo was taken with a Hasselblad X1D and XCD 90mm f/3.2.

Last known survivor

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I got out to the Brits on the Beach car show in Ladysmith in July and this was my favourite car. The weather was beautiful and not hot like a lot of years. It was really crowded as usual and I hovered around this car for about a half hour trying to select the perfect angle and then wait for it to be free of people all around it. This was one of the most popular cars in the show so it was impossible to capture a great image of it. I finally roamed around the show and came back when the show was clearing out. I asked the owner if I could get a photo just as they were about to depart. They were delighted to cooperate and had thoroughly enjoyed all the appreciation at the car event.

This is a Drophead Foursome Coupe-de-ville on a Rover chassis. Quite the mouthful! This photo was taken with my lovely Panasonic G9 and an Olympus 45mm f/1.2. The Oly has a gorgeous rendering and who says you cannot take professional photos with M43!

Serenity Rock

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This spot is amazing for photo opportunities and not many people are here as it is not well know to the locals. It feels pleasantly secluded and is nice to not have people photo bombing your capture. Other than the inuksuks on the boulders there is little sign of people in general. I set the Hasselblad X1D with XCD 45mm on a tripod and set the exposure to make the water look silky and to provide sharpness in the foreground. The image is razor sharp to the corners and I loved how transparent the ice cold water is as indicated by the freshly fallen fall leaves. It is a great spot to get unplugged from the world and truly relax. The only thing missing for ultimate experience was a glass of red wine in a pewter wine glass. Cheers, Brian