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Escape from the chill!

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It was a chilly evening as I searched for an image.I enjoyed the isolation of the two people sitting at the window and in the background was a young woman chatting somebodies head off. It looked like a shelter in the storm!




Handmade Pasta

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Who would believe there is enough demand for handmade pasta in the old world tradition. I was excited to see this moment! She was crafting the hand cut noodles you see just the left – slicing each noodle one at a time! A labour of love!


Day Dreaming

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It is always good to relax and unplug from the electronic ball and chains. I was out wandering around in Duncan, BC with a brand new camera during March break and found this lady relaxing without a care in the world. Do you ever shut your cell phone off and relax in the moment and take a break from the pace of this never unconnected world. Try it – you will love it. Shut your phone off for an hour and really be with your friend, really experience your food, disconnect from trivial garbage that is not authentic living. What do you think?

The Dress

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I joined a Victoria meetup group and the first meetup for me was to photograph the opening of the new bridge in Victoria. The bridge event did not generally appeal to me but it got me out to capture other photos. I really like this image opportunity and tried to take a second image with a woman wearing a dress standing in line with the display. After waiting 15 minutes, a suitable subject materialized but she could not understand why I wanted her to pose in the stage so rejected my suggestion suspiciously. Oh the challenges of artistic ventures! At least this moment was captured.

I am looking forward to my first coffee event at a coffee shop/bakery with the group to discuss photography? They sound like a fun group but I would have preferred to meet at a pub; not for the beer, of course, but for the food. However, I am sure they are a wife approved group.

The Hand

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I have not posted for awhile but I will try to be more diligent for my audience; my ever appreciative favourite and only daughter. This was captured at the opening of the new bridge and the closing of the Blue bridge that you can see in the background. The politicians screwed around with the taxpayers money but finally got the bridge built after the usual incompetent government mismanagement and usual extreme over runs of schedule and dramatic cost increases. A private contract would never have done this level of incompetence. Of course, they used steel from China that had to be replaced at taxpayer cost. Do they support Canadian steel and jobs with taxpayer money?

Jobs aside, I hope you enjoy the mystery of the hand in the image.

Waiting for Coffee?

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Another potential coffee break! If they are waiting for service, they had better go in and find it. I love the old world look – it transports me to Europe except for the clothing. The hat does not quite fit the plaid shirt which helps make it Canadian. The colours in their clothing pick up on the building colours but I suspect they did not plan this….

Coffee Break Boredom

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I could not figure out what he was looking at. He walked out of his work and then stopped to investigate. He would stand and take a sip of his coffee and then go back to this spot at the window. It was a chilly fall day but nice and warm basking in the sunshine. It is sad to see a closed small business. The government needs to lower taxes on small business as they are the lifeblood of the economy. 

Urban coffee break

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I love the contrast of the human element and the stark industrial environment in this image. This is the frame that captured the gesture moment – the cup in the hand. I had to wait for about 5 minutes for the gesture moment to happen. People often think that a photo is just captured but sometimes you have to wait a half hour for something to happen or move on. And this photo certainly was not taken on Vancouver Island – it is a little more rural and green here. I sometimes miss the big city for some of its amenities but prefer the slower pace of the island lifestyle and its natural beauty.

On your tippy toes

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My initial interest that got me into photography was black and white images back in the good old film days. I used to process the film and spend hours in the darkroom and never lost the joy of seeing an image emerge in the tray of developer. Then I got attracted to the amazing colours of Kodachrome and projecting the image but I should have also continued B&W as it is magical with the right image. This image is so much better in B&W than colour and there certainly was not a lot of colour in this anyway.

I love the graphic timeless nature of black and white. I am going to get back into B&W images and also put more emphasis into “street photography” where there is a human element in public places which is a category this image fits. This image is back lit by large windows¬† providing a nice dramatic silhouette lighting. I am always observing how light illuminates a scene and enjoy capturing day to day life. This moment was captured the a Leica SL and 24-90mm lens which is huge but grabbed the shot beautifully – and it only did last a moment! The camera was prepared after entering the restaurant in case something interesting happened so the exposure and so on was already sorted out and all I had to do was grab the camera and compose. One really needs to be on their toes to capture the fleeting moments of life.

Christmas 2017

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I did not get out in 2016 for Christmas images so was determined to get out for this past Christmas. It was the first time I had used a tripod for a long time but like riding a bicycle it got easy to use quickly so that I could take pictures slowly. It was amazing to hear all the foreign languages being spoken around me as I was setting up. There were a lot of cell phones being used for pictures which can take great pictures in sunshine but are not great for night pictures. Humorously, to me, flashes were going off on some of them attempting to capture the rather distant scene. This will be my Christmas card photo for 2018 but since nobody looks at this blog other than my favourite daughter it will be fresh for them.

It was a chilly evening and I got there in time to get the picture just before the evening sky went black. I love the rich indigo light at that time but it lasts for only a few minutes. Having to wear gloves slows down things but I enjoyed walking around and seeing all the lights. Those that actually look closely at things, will notice that there is green grass in the foreground. Unfortunately, there is no snow here to enhance Christmas but surprisingly I do not miss snow! Happy New Year to Ashley! (remember, she is the only one that reads the blog, or at least comments)