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Serenity Rock

Posted by on December 2, 2018 in Photographic adventures | 1 comment

This spot is amazing for photo opportunities and not many people are here as it is not well know to the locals. It feels pleasantly secluded and is nice to not have people photo bombing your capture. Other than the inuksuks on the boulders there is little sign of people in general. I set the Hasselblad X1D with XCD 45mm on a tripod and set the exposure to make the water look silky and to provide sharpness in the foreground. The image is razor sharp to the corners and I loved how transparent the ice cold water is as indicated by the freshly fallen fall leaves. It is a great spot to get unplugged from the world and truly relax. The only thing missing for ultimate experience was a glass of red wine in a pewter wine glass. Cheers, Brian


Posted by on November 25, 2018 in Photographic adventures | 2 comments

This was captured further up the river from the “Hole in the wall” location near Port Alberni. I took my tripod so that I could capture the the whole scene in focus. It was actually in quite deep shade and chilly. I loved the light giving shape to the rocks and the serenity of the whole scene. The water was so transparent and bone chilling cold as confirmed when my foot slipped off a rock into the icy water. A Hasselblad X1D and an amazing XCD 30mm lens (24mm equivalent in full frame) were used – and of course mounted on a tripod to keep the ISO at a noiseless setting. The 30mm is razor sharp right to the extreme corners of the image which is critical for landscapes. I would like to go back more often but my balance issue makes it treacherous getting up the relatively steep and rocky in places trail. I took bear spray with me for the first time on a photographic outing so felt much serenity knowing I would be able to protect myself from the criminal public.

Put out to pasture!

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I have been wanting to capture this car for a number of years. It is far off in the distance in a farmers field and I always pass by now observing it in various light and wonder what its story is but it has been clearly put out to pasture like an old horse.

My wife told me about it and I had never noticed it. Then I discovered that I did not own a lens that had the reach to take this (no trespassing was posted everywhere) as I was never into capturing “birds on a twig” pictures. It takes amazing knowledge and patience to make pictures of birds that are not the boring “bird on a twig” photos taken by most photographers and they are not worth taking. However, I suddenly realized I would be able to create non fur & feather images that were impossible to take without an extreme telephoto.

This was captured with the Panasonic G9 and a Panasonic Leica 200mm f/2.8 lens (400mm equivalent on full frame camera). This is stunning lens is the absolutely most amazing telephoto I have shot with and is extremely sharp across the frame even wide open. It also has a beautiful rendering in the out of focus areas where zooms fall flat on their face.

Inuksuk Serenity

Posted by on November 25, 2018 in Photographic adventures | 1 comment

This image was captured in August on one of my few photo outings since my car accident in April. My total lack of balance gave me a lot of trouble getting around on the uneven ground and maneuvering with the camera. Then I had a lot of trouble figuring out camera settings, that used to be natural to me, due to my concussion injuries. I had to struggle to lie down on the gravel and rocks to capture this image but it was worth it. Kate’s mother loved the image and wanted it printed so that was a very satisfying encouragement to keep persevering forward with my photography hobby that has been on hold. There were over a hundred inuksukĀ  markers around the area but I did not have a tripod to capture an adequate image. I went back about 5 weeks later with a tripod and most the beautiful markers had been knocked down – we really need to have much higher penalties for these pathetic people that do not respect anything but unfortunately the liberal types only encourage it instead of making people accountable for their actions.

This photo was captured with the Panasonic G9 and an amazing Olympus 75/1.8 lens. I love that rendering of that lens and it it such a tiny jewel that is a pleasure to carry around ready to capture decisive moments as the following.

Another image that I captured and felt black and white provided the best interpretation:

I hope you enjoy these and I wonder if you have a favourite?

Hole in the Wall

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I have not done a post since April due to car accident. I was rear ended by a distracted driver back in April 2018 and suffer acute concussion syndrome. I am still working on recovery and have lost a lot of math skills and short term memory is still very poor. I also still have very poor balance and fell into a river a few weeks before I got out to take this photo. I still have trouble trying to do camera settings that used to be second nature to me. Please do not do distracted driving!

This photo was taken at the Hole in the Wall near Port Alberi – it is not a well known location even by the locals. I put the camera on a tripod so that I could do a longer exposure to make the waterfall look silky. I waited awhile for the rumouredĀ  nymph to appear but no luck. It is therapeutic to get back to taking pictures again. Hope you enjoy.



Escape from the chill!

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It was a chilly evening as I searched for an image.I enjoyed the isolation of the two people sitting at the window and in the background was a young woman chatting somebodies head off. It looked like a shelter in the storm!




Handmade Pasta

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Who would believe there is enough demand for handmade pasta in the old world tradition. I was excited to see this moment! She was crafting the hand cut noodles you see just the left – slicing each noodle one at a time! A labour of love!


Day Dreaming

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It is always good to relax and unplug from the electronic ball and chains. I was out wandering around in Duncan, BC with a brand new camera during March break and found this lady relaxing without a care in the world. Do you ever shut your cell phone off and relax in the moment and take a break from the pace of this never unconnected world. Try it – you will love it. Shut your phone off for an hour and really be with your friend, really experience your food, disconnect from trivial garbage that is not authentic living. What do you think?

The Dress

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I joined a Victoria meetup group and the first meetup for me was to photograph the opening of the new bridge in Victoria. The bridge event did not generally appeal to me but it got me out to capture other photos. I really like this image opportunity and tried to take a second image with a woman wearing a dress standing in line with the display. After waiting 15 minutes, a suitable subject materialized but she could not understand why I wanted her to pose in the stage so rejected my suggestion suspiciously. Oh the challenges of artistic ventures! At least this moment was captured.

I am looking forward to my first coffee event at a coffee shop/bakery with the group to discuss photography? They sound like a fun group but I would have preferred to meet at a pub; not for the beer, of course, but for the food. However, I am sure they are a wife approved group.

The Hand

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I have not posted for awhile but I will try to be more diligent for my audience; my ever appreciative favourite and only daughter. This was captured at the opening of the new bridge and the closing of the Blue bridge that you can see in the background. The politicians screwed around with the taxpayers money but finally got the bridge built after the usual incompetent government mismanagement and usual extreme over runs of schedule and dramatic cost increases. A private contract would never have done this level of incompetence. Of course, they used steel from China that had to be replaced at taxpayer cost. Do they support Canadian steel and jobs with taxpayer money?

Jobs aside, I hope you enjoy the mystery of the hand in the image.